Joe Rogan on Mayweather/Gotti: ‘Floyd is making more money than anybody and he’s boxing people who have no chance of beating him’

The aftermath of the Floyd Mayweather Jr. versus John Gotti III match saw a chaotic brawl unfold, and UFC commentator Joe Rogan shared his thoughts on the incident.

During the eight-round boxing exhibition match between Mayweather and Gotti, chaos erupted as referee Kenny Bayless decided to end the contest. Instead of returning to his corner or showing sportsmanship by embracing his opponent, John Gotti’s grandson charged at Mayweather. He started swinging wildly while using inappropriate language.

Amidst the exchange that carried on past the bell, Mayweather landed a significant blow on Gotti. This triggered members from both teams to enter the ring, resulting in a full-blown melee. The violent nature of the evening spilled over into the stands, where audience members engaged in brawls that later went viral.

The event gained attention beyond the world of combat sports, and Joe Rogan addressed the wild events on his podcast.

Rogan highlighted the brawls inside and outside the ring, along with the abundance of cell phone footage capturing people brawling and resorting to sucker punches. The chaos left him wondering why John Gotti III failed to heed the referee’s call. Whether it was just trash-talking between the combatants or something else entirely, Rogan wonders.

Rogan said on his podcast: “It became a melee.”

“…there’s all this cell phone footage of people brawling and sucker punching each other – crazy. I don’t know why he [John Gotti III] didn’t listen, I don’t know if they were just talking s*it to each other, but Kenny said that’s it, that’s a wrap and then everybody went crazy.”

Rogan also found it intriguing that Floyd Mayweather continues to make substantial amounts of money by boxing opponents who stand no chance of defeating him.

He said: “What’s interesting is Floyd is making more money than anybody and he’s boxing people who have no chance of beating him and he’s doing it as an exhibition. It doesn’t even hurt his record.”

Reports have emerged suggesting that Mayweather and Gotti III are in discussions for a potential rematch.