Joe Rogan jokes about joining Onlyfans after learning about the influencer who made $100 Million

Everything in our highly internet-dependent world is accessible with only a few clicks. Many individuals all around the globe have amassed substantial personal wealth thanks to different online platforms.

One of them is Joe Rogan, a podcaster and color commentator for the UFC. He is one of the most well-known figures in the industry. Lately, he has discussed a new financial ‘opportunity’.

The UFC color commentator highlighted how Bhad Bhabie is earning a significant chunk of money via OnlyFans.

Rogan said:

“Bro, she’s richer than me. That b*tch is balling out of control. She made like a $100 million of her OnlyFans showing her a**hole.”

He continued,

”How much did she make? Something crazy on OnlyFans. Like she was like the number-one earner on OnlyFans.”

“That’s crazy. She’s balling. And what is she doing on there? We should join. Can we join?” stated Rogan.

In reality, the 55-year-old was astonished by Bhad Bhabie’s income from OnlyFans. Joe Rogan is estimated to have made over $200 million for an exclusive deal with spotify to stream the episodes of his podcast ‘Joe Rogan Experience’.

Fans have already shown interest in the idea of Rogan coming on OnlyFans, even though it is highly unlikely to ever materialize.

Following the events surrounding Salman Rushdie, Joe Rogan remarked on Instagram.

“The moment you declare a set of ideas to be immune from criticism, satire, derision, or contempt, freedom of thought becomes impossible.”

Regardless of his Onlyfans joke, Rogan has accomplished what very little have. He was a pioneer in the podcasting world having started around 2009. Prior to him, there were only a couple of podcast with other media veterans – Adam Carolla and Marc Maron.

Rogan has faced a lot of criticism in light of how he covered the pandemic but in reality the pandemic over lapped with Rogan’s Spotify deal and in many ways he’s changed his attitudes since. This had alienated some of his fans despite the fact he still claims to be more popular than ever with an episode of JRE being streamed on average 11 million times.