Joe Rogan is very disappointed we’ll never see Ngannou against Jon Jones

Joe Rogan expressed disappointment on Jon Jones’ injury that led his bout against Stipe Miocic scrapped. He also said that Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou could be the biggest event in history, and is disappointed that it isn’t likely to happen.

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou surprised everyone during his boxing match against the WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. The two clashed in a professional boxing match in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Everyone thought it’s going to be easy work for Fury, given his impressive record compared to Ngannou who mostly competed in MMA. But, Ngannou exceeded everyone’s expectations. It was a very competitive match with Ngannou slightly dominating. He delivered a powerful blow, knocking Fury down in the third round.

Unfortunately, he lost the match via a split decision. This result easily became controversial, with many fans, MMA athletes, and boxers believing that Ngannous should be the winner.

Famous UFC commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan also weighed in on the topic. The 56-year-old said how Ngannou is able to succeed against all odds with almost everyone saying he made the wrong decision by vacating the UFC heavyweight belt and turning down UFC’s “lucrative” contract.

“He’s incredible. And the fact that he gambled on himself, he vacated the UFC heavyweight title, which is the most prestigious title in all of combat sports. You can say anything you want about the world heavyweight boxing champion, but everybody knows that the world heavyweight UFC champion will f*ck that dude up in a real fight. That’s the reality of the world.” Rogan said.

And Rogan believes that there is only one person who can stop Ngannou, which is the current UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

“And the only person that has a chance is Jon Jones. And Jon Jones, unfortunately, just tore his f*cking pec off the bone. It was heartbreaking. Horrible to see because I was really looking for that fight with Stipe. But, in a perfect world, Francis makes a f*cking kajillion dollars and then the UFC resigns him and then he fights Jon Jones for the most epic encounter in the history of combat sports.” Rogan said.

He added, “That is a perfect world. But at least Francis, he got his flowers from the whole world. The whole world saw it, you can f*cking lie all you want. You can have your bullsh*t scorecards, you can have your paid off judges. You can have your corruption, you have your nonsense. Everybody knows what happened in that fight.”