Joe Rogan “hates” one of UFC 300’s bouts

The highly anticipated UFC 300 event is scheduled for April 13, and UFC enthusiasts have been eagerly absorbing every detail released by UFC CEO Dana White.

11 matches have already been announced, boasting a lineup of former champions and prominent contenders. However, one particular bout stands out – the BMF title clash between Justin Gaethje and Max Holloway.

Not one to shy away from expressing his opinions, UFC commentator Joe Rogan recently shared his reservations about this exciting matchup. During an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, he admitted to harboring concerns about Max Holloway’s size in comparison to the 155-pound competitors.

Rogan voiced his apprehensions, stating: “You know what I hate [about the fight]. Max is a great 45-pounder, Dustin Poirier beat him up at 55lbs. I think those guys are a little bit too big for him.”

Also, Alexander Volkanovski will defend the featherweight title against Ilia Topuria at UFC 298 next month. Rogan acknowledged that Holloway’s attempt to win the featherweight title may be impacted by the matchup.

The 57-year-old commentator added: “Also, Max is right there in the hunt for the title. [When] Volkanovski gets done with Topuria, Max is a likely next fight. It’s 100 per cent there.”

While acknowledging that Holloway would still be in contention for a title shot even if he loses to Gaethje, Rogan argued that a defeat could impact Holloway’s momentum.

When asked whether the Holloway was still capable of winning the match, he said: “Yeah, sort of. But you sort of lose some of your lustre.”

As excitement builds around UFC 300, the co-main and main events are still not announced. Addressing the anticipation, Dana White stated: “I had an announcement for 300 yesterday. You’ll get the main event when I’m ready to give you the main event. I’ve been squeezing them out one by one.”

“When I’m ready to give you the main event, you’ll get the main event. You’re not ready yet. You can’t handle the main event.”