Joe Rogan gave $1k to a teenager willing to spend a minute in his cold plunge

Joe Rogan is one of internet’s true success stories. UFC’s longtime commentator made a living thanks to his hosting of reality series Fear factor prior to striking it big as a pioneer in the podcast space.

Through the history of his podcast Joe Rogan has endorsed quite a number of interesting products including flashlights, bulletproof coffee, neck strengthening devices, stem cells, and even mcdonalds.

But his latest constant plug is a product called Moroz forge. Morozko Ice Bath will set you back $12,850 dollars (presumably without shipping) and will make for a great companion for your sauna. That’s right. There’s also the ‘pro’ edition of the bath that goes for 19,9k.

Rogan went viral with his cold plunge videos showcasing his buff torso. Just one of the reels posted to instagram had close to 4,000,000 views. With that kind of influencing power he’s likely to be getting at least 30% of that chunky price tag.

During a discussion with long time friend, Tom Segura, Rogan explained how he came to challenge one of his daughter’s friends and offered a hefty bounty for those who can stick it out to the chagrin of their parents.

“My daughter’s friends were over the house, and I told them I’d give them $1,000 if they could do a minute. Yeah, I gave three kids a thousand bucks. “

“The parents were like. What the f*ck? They earned it. They earned it. I just wanted to show them that they could do it.”

While Rogan often relies on bro-science there are actual benefits to exposing yourself to the cold.

Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman recommends taking cold showers:

  “Getting into much colder water of say 50 degrees or 55 degrees or even 45 degrees Fahrenheit can potently increase dopamine… Perhaps even as short as 1 minute or even 30 seconds exposure to really cold water can lead to these potent, long-lasting increases in dopamine.”

Rogan was previously outspoken about many benefits of this routine explaining that the cold:

“The benefits for resilience, the benefits for my mind and for inflammation for my body. My body feels soo good. All my soreness, that was generally just an ordinary part of everyday life, a massive amount of that has been dissipated… It’s just this sauna and cold plunge routine that I do, it has made a giant difference.”

Oddly Rogan is still perceived as an ‘everyday Joe’ despite the fact that his podcast brought him generational wealth when he sold the exclusivity rights to spotify in 2020 for over $200 million dollars.