Joe Rogan fascinated by the possibility of bare knuckle match between McGregor and Mike Perry

Renowned podcaster and UFC colour commentator Joe Rogan recently shared his thoughts on Conor McGregor’s potential future move. In the show, Rogan made a bold prediction regarding the Irishman’s prospects.

McGregor surprised fans with an impromptu appearance in the bare-knuckle boxing ring back in April. After Mike Perry’s impressive second-round TKO victory over Luke Rockhold at BKFC 41, McGregor accepted Perry’s face-off invitation. During the encounter, McGregor playfully hinted at a potential bare-knuckle match against Perry. He even gave himself a new moniker: ‘Slicey Bare Paw.’

During a recent episode (#141) of The Joe Rogan Experience MMA Show featuring Mike Perry, Rogan delved into this controversial moment and expressed his excitement over the prospect of McGregor competing in bare-knuckle boxing. He emphasized the magnitude of such an event, stating:

“If somehow or another he agreed to fight bare-knuckle, do you know how big that would be? Mike, you versus him… That would be wild in bare-knuckle… If they did that in bare-knuckle, it would get a million pay-per-view buys at least.”

Upon Perry highlighting McGregor’s immense popularity, Rogan said: “Probably more. Probably get two or three [million pay-per-view buys]. I was trying to be conservative.”

During the same episode, Mike Perry shed light on the encounter with Conor McGregor and shared an intriguing observation about the Irishman’s demeanor in the ring. In their conversation on the JRE MMA Show, Perry recounted the moment he invited UFC superstar McGregor for a face-off.

He stated: “I stood still and I couldn’t be wavered or moved. He was moving all over the place. I mean, that says that he was free in that moment to do so, obviously. But it was me respectfully calling him out, which shows the professional in martial arts that I have been for so many years… I mean, everything he does, people watch that s**t.”

Joe Rogan then then questioned Mike Perry about what Conor McGregor had said to him at that very time. Perry responded: “Fair play to ya’ mate. Respect ya. I’ll fight ya’ no problem.”

McGregor still has a couple bouts left on his UFC deal however he expressed the desire to stay in the promotion. A little while ago McGregor called Ngannou’s free agency a dumb move and reiterated that his highlight reel was with the UFC:

“I want to be in the UFC. My catalog is in the UFC. My highlight reel is in the UFC. Look, let’s see what happens. I hope they feel the same also,” said the two-division Champion.

“I love the company dearly. It’s changed my life. It’s given me so much and it’s helped me in many situations in my life. … The UFC is my company,” added McGregor.