Joe Rogan credits Bruce Lee’s for contributing to development of MMA

Joe Rogan recently praised MMA icon Bruce Lee.

In a podcast episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan and comedian Brian Redban spoke about Bruce Lee’s influence on mixed martial arts.

According to Rogan, the first time the general public saw a mixed martial arts event was in Lee’s well-known movie ‘Enter the Dragon’. The JRE podcast’s presenter also gave Lee credit for uniting the whole MMA community before the UFC.

“First time, we ever see a tap, it’s here in Enter The Dragon. And they bow afterwards. This is literally like an example for everybody to see of the first mixed martial arts fight and it was Bruce Lee…Bruce Lee, he opened that door to everybody because back then, especially before the UFC, martial arts was very like everybody stayed in their tribe.”

“The Judo guys thought Judo was the best. The kickboxer guys thought kickboxing was the best. Like everybody had their own mindset on what style was the best. Bruce Lee started it all off bro.”

Rogan went viral after a flub on the same episode.

Rogan’s latest flub involves the time he recounted feeling ‘so sad’ after watching a boxing match between Matt Watson and his dad at Creator Clash 2022.

Creator Clash was a pop-boxing event featuring a number of content creators that was held in May of 2022. The event was the first of its kind and unlike many other events, it had a noble cause attached it was designed to raise money for charity.

Rogan was so upset at this matchmaking he went on a long monologue.

“I grew up without my dad. So for me, I was like, his dad was probably an a**hole. His dad’s proud. Jealous dad was probably just some terrible, terrible people that f**k people and have kids, murderers, monsters, thieves, con artists. They f**k people and have kids and then they have a son. I saw a video today of a boxing match between a father and a son.”

“It made me so sad. Made me so sad because there’s this young kid, he looks like he’s probably like 17 or 18 and the father’s 42 and the father beats the s**t out of him. I mean, like, dinged him in the head and keeps punching him. I’m like, that’s your son. That’s your son. And we’re watching you beat your son up because I get your son probably got cocky with you, but and he celebrates after he knocks his son out.”