Joe Rogan condemns LA district attorney for declining to press charges against Dave Chappelle attacker

Joe Rogan has long been the biggest advocate for comedians. In fact Rogan’s vigilance in praising the occupation produced many memes.

Rogan recently reacted to the man that tackled Dave Chappelle on stage at the LA Hollywood Bowl during a Netflix comedy tour.

Rogan was among those that condemned Chappelle ‘s attacker, Isaiah Lee.

Even though Lee was armed with a contraption – Los Angeles District attorney’s office decided to avoid pursuing felony charges against him.

 “When you see that a person commits a clear crime, and does it to one of the most loved performers alive,

and does it in a very high profile public setting, and it gets captured on video, and you don’t charge that person for what they obviously did,

it’s the kind of thing that makes people lose faith in law enforcement. That’s never good. “


Rogan previously expressed concerns when the Will Smith slap happened that something like that might lead more people to think it’s ok to assault comedians on stage.

“Well, we live in strange times, man. I mean, after the Chris Rock thing, that was one of the things I was worried about, ”

“I was like, ‘People are thinking they’re gonna start smacking comedians now, if they don’t like what they’re saying.’ And what I’m thinking or what I’m worried about is, you know, people think that’s justified.”



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