Joe Rogan Broke Francis Ngannou’s PowerKube Record

Joe Rogan always has something crazy to surprise us with. Most recent revelation is that the UFC commentator and podcast host broke Francis Ngannou’s PowerKube record with a thunderous kick.

Previously, the PowerKube record was held by the UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou with roughly 129,000. With his kick, Rogan beat that record and scored over 151,000 on the power cube machine.

One caveat is – Joe Rogan used his legs while Francis Ngannou used his fists.

Joe Rogan still took to his Instagram account to boast about his achievement. He uploaded the video footage and added a hilarious caption praising the jeans he was wearing.

“Testing out the @powerkube at the new studio. Shows you how powerful @barbellapparel jeans are! No warm-up, which is a really smart way to get injured.” Joe Rogan wrote.

Jokes aside though, Rogan holds two black belts in BJJ and is a former practitioner of Taekwondo. He also goes to the gym quite often at the age of 54 years old. His kick is definitely different from that of a regular person.

The UFC veteran, Georges Saint-Pierre, also acknowledges Joe Rogan’s kicks. He said that Joe Rogan’s kicks are some of the most powerful he’s ever seen.

Francis Ngannou himself doesn’t really mind  and continued the joke on his Twitter account asking for a rematch.

Ngannou is in the middle of contract negotiations. Considering he’s expressed the desire to have an option to box included in his contract it’s unlikely he and UFC will reach an agreement.

Ngannou explained in an interview

“My contract status right now is the same. I haven’t received any offer. So it’s stayed the same. I hope like in the next three months, two to three months we get to deal with that.”

To make the whole thing a bit harder for the UFC, Ngannou also expressed his desire for athletes to have sponsors independent from the promotion. Sponsorship deals are a huge part of what makes UFC so profitable – with the entire roster having to comply for meager sums.

Ngannou continued:

“I was getting frustrated at some point, why? Because I feel unprotected which is exactly the situation that we all fighters are into. You know, I would like for the UFC to consider the opposition in a lot of things now regarding to fighters, sponsorship, I think fighters should also have a right to put a sponsorship on your shirt, not just for the company to make money out of it.”


Ngannou stated: “We are losing a lot of power. The company is getting big, getting stronger, and we have no power.”