Johnny Walker slams trolls for harassing his fiancé

Johnny Walker’s team is taking the brunt of criticism for his meme worthy loss. 29 year old Brazilian suffered a devastating loss at UFC Vegas 48 thanks to a well placed shot to his temple.

The strike resulted in the Brazilian free falling into the fence and subsequently getting finished with an additional ground strike before the referee had a chance to intervene.


Walker was quick to reassure fans that he was fine – posting the following on social media:
“I’m OK,” Walker said in an Instagram update. “Just a little cut. I (go to) sleep in the fight, so something happened wrong. Let’s eat and be happy. And let’s go to the next one.”

But the trolling was just getting started. It was so bad his fiancé reportedly went on a banning spree and penned a long post about the harassments.

“I know these keyboard warriors probably haven’t broken a sweat in their life and live their pathetic existence through fake or private accounts. And they probably think their comments or posts won’t be seen. But I can tell you while Johnny was in the ER, and I was in the waiting room alone- I saw the comments. I got the messages. And on a good day, it’s water off a ducks back. But on days like Saturday- they were tough.” his fiancé wrote.

Walker reposted his fiancé’s post – and went on to film a video response to the abuse and trolling.


“What’s making me really upset is f—ing people don’t care about the fighter’s health. What happened after, you know. They just care about the pictures and make the jokes. What make me upset was people message me comment like the jokes. People don’t care about [if] other people healthy.”
He added:

“Like I train so hard, I am very committed to my career. And when I get to the fight and make my best to make the show for the fans. And if I get hurt or something like that happen, people just make jokes about the knocked out. They don’t care about my health even if I have brain damage.”

Walker’s opponent from UFC Vegas 48 Jamahal Hill also responded to brutal trolling Walker has been exposed to condemning the keyboard warriors:

“So for y’all to sit there and do this to this man who steps out against the best in the f—ing world. You know, I’m saying, people who train night and day to do that. Y’all run from basic ass people. Cut it out you f—ing cowards. I mean, send behind the screen talking. Get out that man inbox he’s still eating he’s still got money. You probably broke sitting your f—ing mom’s basement
Well, I you will find mine you came to my page to see me to see me do that just see me when if you to go and dog people get the f— on bro. Don’t f— with that s–t, bro. Leave that man alone. Let him get back to his drawing or get back to his craft because you’re gonna keep watching for him putting his body and all that s–t on the line. F—ing week bro. Cut that s–t out, bro.”

You can watch his full response here.