Jake Paul’s December event in jeopardy after Visa issues

Jake Paul’s next opponent in the ring was set to be revealed, but unforeseen visa complications have thrown a wrench into plans.

On October 27, MVP’s Amanda Serrano etched her name in boxing history with a stellar performance in a twelve-round women’s bout against Danila Ramos.

Following the intense match, fans and enthusiasts eagerly awaited the announcement of Jake Paul’s next challenger. But to their dismay, the unnamed opponent was unable to get a visa in time for the December 15 tournament.

Paul’s manager Nakisa Bidarian expressed his disappointment by saying: “Just regarding Friday, December 15, there was a plan to announce Jake Paul’s opponent for that evening.”

“Unfortunately, the opponent, which was a 7-1 boxer, has not been able to obtain a visa to come to the U.S. So we’re currently reviewing alternative options for his opponent, but the plan is to try to announce it within the next two weeks.”

One of the prevailing criticisms of Jake Paul’s boxing career is the absence of bouts against actual boxers. The potential matchup with the 7-1 boxer could have marked a pivotal turning point for Paul. The anticipation now lies in who will be chosen as the replacement contender.

Jake Paul and Nakisa Bidarian have confirmed that the YouTuber-turned-boxer will step into the ring on December 15 at the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando, Florida. Bidarian previously emphasized their intention to establish this venue as a staple for professional boxing.

He said: “We’re making Orlando the new home of boxing, right? Here at the Caribe Royale Resort. This is our third event.”

“We’re going to be coming back here Friday, December 15th, headlining with Jake Paul, co-maining with the two unbelievable athletes you just saw, Shadasia Green and Franchon. It’s going to be an electric night, and we’re going to do more events together here in 2024.”

In February of this year, Jake Paul faced his first professional boxing setback as he experienced a split decision defeat against Tommy Fury. Fortunately, Paul made a remarkable comeback five months later with a unanimous decision victory over Nate Diaz. Currenty, Jake Paul boasts to an impressive record of 7-1.