Jake Paul will train and travel with Boxing Team USA to Paris for the 2024 Summer Games

Jake Paul has recently confirmed his participation in the forthcoming 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Fresh from an impressive first-round knockout of Andre August in Orlando, Paul announced his plan to stand by Team USA in the ‘City of Light.’

Before heading to Paris, Paul intends to go to Colorado Springs. His mission is to provide guidance and mentorship to budding Olympic aspirants striving for excellence on the global stage.

Expressing his sentiments, Paul emphasized: “It has always been my goal to shine a spotlight not just on boxing as a sport, but on the people who work so hard to be the best within it. The mindset of pursuing greatness is one I both see and personally share with Mo McCane, Joshua Edwards, and the rest of Team USA’s boxing talent. The Olympics are the greatest stage in the world, and I’m honored to help bring awareness to USA Boxing and mentor these young, inspiring athletes as they fight for gold.”

Paul talked about the importance of providing a platform for those who earn the privilege to represent Team USA at the Olympics. He eagerly awaits the opportunity to collaborate with Team USA in Colorado Springs.

“Anyone who works hard enough to receive the honor to represent Team USA at the Olympics deserves a platform, so I’m looking forward to getting down to business in Colorado Springs with Coach [Billy] Walsh and the rest of Team USA.”

The star power wielded by Paul is expected to draw increased attention to both Team USA and the sport of boxing on an international scale. USA Boxing’s executive director Mike McAtee praised Paul’s contribution.

He stated: “Within just three years of becoming a professional boxer, Jake Paul has become a standout inspiration to younger generations and has emerged as one of the most exciting, influential figures in boxing history.”

“Jake’s mentorship will be a vital resource to the young athletes on Team USA to ensure they capitalize on building brand IP as they get the opportunity to perform on the biggest stage in the world at the most iconic contest in history: the Olympics.”

With his victory on December 15 in the Most Valuable Prospects event, Jake Paul improved his record to 8-1.

Notable among his achievements are his contests against seasoned MMA combatants like Anderson Silva, Nate Diaz, and Tyron Woodley.