Jake Paul tries to get ahead of low ticket sales: Business men set the pricing just right

In the lead-up to his highly anticipated face-off with pro boxer Andre August on December 15, Jake Paul addresses the criticism surrounding the slower-than-expected ticket sales, asserting that it’s a calculated business move.

Jake Paul’s upcoming match against Andre August is raising eyebrows as, unusually, tickets for the event haven’t sold out just days before the fight night. Even though this represents a departure from the usual success of Jake’s events, he candidly admitted that he may not turn a profit from this particular match due to the sluggish ticket sales in recent weeks.

Critics, including KSI, have seized upon this situation to mock Jake Paul, suggesting that the American YouTuber has lost the hype surrounding his fights. KSI, himself gearing up for a charity sparring match against influencer IShowSpeed on the same day, has garnered considerable excitement for his event.

In response to the criticism, Jake Paul took to Twitter to share a report highlighting that his fight with August has set a record for the ‘highest boxing live gate ever in Orlando,’ accompanied by a comparison of ticket prices for his and KSI’s respective bouts. He emphasized the strategic aspect of his ticket sales strategy, defending the delayed sellout as a result of dynamic pricing.

“Another record broken✅ Highest grossing ticket sales in Orlando boxing history ✅ Average ticket price: $150+ (against [a] no-name opponent) ✅ KSI Vs Fury average ticket price: $62.50 ❌,” Jake Paul tweeted.

Continuing in another tweet, he explained, “And yes, we won’t sell out until fight day… smart promotions and businessmen set the pricing just right, knowing the selling data and audience. It’s called dynamic pricing…”

Jake Paul further took a jab at KSI, referencing a past business deal involving Prime Hydration, suggesting that the British YouTuber’s decision-making was questionable, labeling him a “bird brain.”