Jake Paul tells KSI to “be a man” and waive rehydration clause

Jake Paul has criticized KSI for insisting on a rehydration clause for a boxing match between the two of them. Additionally, he said that KSI has been “running” away from their boxing bout for four years.

The conflict between Jake Paul and KSI has become worse as the two have exchanged barbs  on Twitter. The $30 million bout offer that KSI promptly rejected was the primary topic of discussion between the two. However, another significant topic was KSI’s apparent insistence that Jake has to agree to a rehydration clause prior to their match.


Jake Paul was quick to answer and replied, “Yeah and four of those years you were running. You want me to come to London and fight at an unnatural weight with a rehydration clause then it’s all or nothing. Or be a man. Take the fight without rehydration clauses. 185. 50/50.”

The rehydration clause in boxing lays down how much weight a boxer is permitted to put back on between weigh ins and the actual bout.

KSI, is set to take on Joe Fournier in a highly anticipated boxing match on May 13, 2023, at the Wembley Arena. The two boxers have been throwing verbal jabs at each other, with Fournier even putting $10 million on the line for a bet.