Jake Paul sparks controversy threatning to kiss opponent during face off

Renowned YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul has once again managed to surprise his fans and the boxing world alike. Renowned not only for his performances in the ring but also for his pre-bout antics, Paul has adopted diverse strategies aimed at destabilizing his opponents mentally.

In the lead-up to his eight matches, Paul has showcased his mind games in order to unsettle his adversaries. While the success of these tactics remains debatable, they undoubtedly add an element of unpredictability to his bouts.

Jake Paul is scheduled to face Andre August in his upcoming matchup. And it seems like August could be avoiding the influencer after learning about his most recent tactic.

Paul recently unveiled his latest unorthodox plan which left many taken aback. During an episode of his show ‘BS With Jake Paul‘, he casually said: “I’m gonna kiss one of my opponents at some point. When the face-off gets really close, I’m kissing someone. I can’t wait to kiss one of my opponents though.”

Expressing his unconventional approach further, Paul elaborated: “If they kiss back, I’d double down and tongue.”

While Andre August is yet to respond to these startling remarks, fans and audiences across social media have expressed a wide spectrum of reactions.

One fan expressed disdain and disbelief as he commented: “This is insane.”

One fan lamented: “I lost a lot of brain cells hearing him out on this one.”

Another simply exclaimed, “What the f*** did I just watch?”

Amidst the uproar, there were fans who were amused with Paul’s statement.

One fan remarked, “He is so funny bro.”

Another expressed: “Doubled down. I respect it.”

A third commented: “Let him cook.”

Amidst the reactions, speculation looms over whether Paul will truly carry out this unconventional threat.

Jake Paul’s inclination towards unpredictable and controversial tactics has become a defining feature of his boxing persona. As the date of his next matchup approaches, the world waits in anticipation to witness whether Jake Paul will advance his boxing career with a win.