Jake Paul reveals he will donate his entire next purse to a boxing charity

Jake Paul has recently disclosed his plan to contribute his entire earnings from his upcoming match to charity, aiming to support the construction of additional boxing gyms.

The former YouTuber who is now a boxer is scheduled to make a comeback on March 2 on Amanda Serrano’s Puerto Rico homecoming undercard. He has committed to donating his purse to the Boxing Bullies foundation, a charitable initiative he founded.

Expressing his dedication, Paul stated: “The mission keeps on getting bigger and we’re gonna continue to renovate more gyms. I’m actually going to be donating my entire fight purse to Boxing Bullies to renovate more gyms in Puerto Rico.”

His business partner Nakisa Bidarian stated: “I just wanna repeat that right. He’s donating his entire purse to renovate gyms in Puerto Rico.”

Living in a lavish $13 million mansion in Puerto Rico, Paul started his charity in 2021 with the aim of introducing boxing to the younger generation. Additionally, he said that the next gym he renovates would be named in honor of seven-division champion and boxing star Serrano.

He stated: “I don’t know if we can sneak preview that one of the gyms is going to be an Amanda Serrano gym.”

Having experienced the first defeat of his boxing career in February 2021 against Tommy Fury, Jake Paul made a triumphant comeback with a victory over ex-UFC star Nate Diaz and a first-round knockout against Andre August. The latter marked Paul’s first win against an opponent with a 10-1-1 record.

Despite these victories, Paul is gearing up for his next challenge against an opponent possessing an even more formidable ring resume. He teased, “He’s a professional boxer with an even better record that Andre August and there will be an announcement coming soon.”

“But again, it’s another step up in competition, he’s won regional titles etc. Announcement will be coming soon but another step up in competition and continuing to challenge myself March 2nd.”

Bidarian confirmed that the details of Paul’s next opponent would be officially disclosed on January 30.