Jake Paul offered $20M to Tommy Fury for Rematch and MMA crossover bout

Jake Paul is gearing up for his much-anticipated return to the boxing ring, slated for next month in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He will be competing against Ryan Bourland.

The social media sensation is driven by the desire to avenge the sole loss of his career and has extended a generous $20 million proposal to Tommy Fury for a boxing rematch, with the possibility of a trilogy in mixed martial arts.

In a recent interview with Marc Raimondi of ESPN, Paul expressed skepticism about the likelihood of a rematch with Fury happening this year.

He said: “I don’t think so, to be honest. I think he is not very serious about the fight and actually making it happen and too unrealistic in terms of offers and finances. He thinks he’s his brother and his dad is delusional in terms of what he’s actually worth… It’s hard to get that across these hard-headed people who aren’t very good at business and don’t understand the way and the landscape of boxing.”

Paul continued: “I think there’s a massive fear of, not only losing, but they’re just trying to be unrealistic about the numbers, which again, maybe, those two go hand in hand. We all know everyone tries to price themselves out if they don’t really want to fight and hide behind that. I think that’s where things are, but regardless, I’m on a different mission to become world champion. All doors for Tommy lead to me. I can do whatever I want.”

Nakisa Bidarian is the co-founder of MVP Promotions with Paul. He chimed in on the negotiation dynamics. He disclosed, “He’s willing to fight him in boxing and if Jake wins, he’s willing to enter the SmartCage in PFL with Tommy. There’s a path there where it’s close to $20 million in guaranteed money.”

Despite Paul’s claims, Fury has not yet presented his side of the negotiations. It remains uncertain if Fury harbors any interest in a rematch or in transitioning into the world of mixed martial arts.