Jake Paul KO win questioned: Fans hurl staging accusations

Jake Paul is a popular YouTuber turned boxer who finds himself amidst controversy yet again following his recent bout against Andre August on December 15. Despite boasting an impressive professional record of 8-1 with five knockout victories, doubts have surfaced regarding the authenticity of his latest win.

From facing off against internet personalities to former professional athletes, Jake Paul’s boxing journey has been quite exciting. However, his encounter with Andre August lacked the usual buzz that accompanied his previous matches. This fight followed his first-ever loss against Tommy Fury and a remarkable win over Nate Diaz earlier in the year.

Despite skepticism surrounding Jake’s ability to defeat August who is a seasoned 10-1 pro boxer, he silenced critics by delivering a knockout punch in the opening round itself. But this victory didn’t escape skepticism, as numerous viewers questioned its legitimacy. Fans on the internet have been abeling the entire bout as “staged.”


Comments flooded various platforms, with users expressing disbelief and suspicion.

One user wrote on X: “Never seen a fight so staged in my life.”

Questions arose about the lack of angles showcasing the punch and speculations about monetary compensations for the staged defeat emerged.

Another wrote: “I’ve seen only one angle of this knockout. Where’s a good angle ? I feel like this was hella rigged. I want to see the punch!”

“How much was he paid to get slept, I wonder,” another comment read.

Neither Jake nor August have replied to these remarks as of yet. But this isn’t the first time Jake Paul has faced accusations of fixing matches.

In a pre-match verbal exchange with Tommy Fury in 2021, Fury openly accused Paul of rigging past matches. He also said that Paul was incapable of winning matches without manipulation.

Tommy said: “When his fights aren’t rigged, he can’t win,” Tommy said. “Let’s be truthful here. When his fights are not rigged, and they’re not set up, he loses.”

This seems to still be the case years later about the YouTuber, who is now enjoying himself after the recent victory.