Jake Paul issues challenge to Sean Strickland after disgraceful sparring session with Sneako

Jake Paul has recently challenged former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland.

The feud ignited when on a Friday morning, Strickland engaged in a spirited sparring session with streamer and influencer Sneako. The event was streamed live on Rumble.

However, Strickland’s unconventional approach raised eyebrows. It seems that Strickland hoped Sneako would resign rather than face further punishment.

After the session, Strickland commended Sneako. He said: “The fact that you did not fall down bro, is like, that’s all you had to was fall and I would have stopped.”

After seeing the video, Jake Paul was unimpressed with Strickland’s skills. According to Paul, Strickland’s failure to drop an inexperienced opponent even when going all out, showcased his lackluster skills.

Never one to shy away from confrontation, Jake Paul took to social media to challenge Strickland directly. Brimming with confidence, Paul proposed a $1 million sparring session in Puerto Rico.

In a series of tweets, Paul taunted Strickland:

He said: “Shawn Strickland you’re embarrassing for trying to stop sneako like that. You weren’t even able to drop someone with no experience while going all out😅 You’re a horrid boxer that only picks on inexperienced people. I’ll fly you to PR and we can fight on camera… if you win I’ll give you $1 million (half your net worth) But if you get dropped you have to get Betr tattooed on you. DM me. But just like paddy I’m guessing you’ll find a way to run.”

In a surprising turn of events, Strickland accepted Paul’s challenge. Not one to back down, Strickland fired back and reminded Paul of his recent loss to Tommy Fury.

He wrote: “You lost to a part time boxer. Lmao……… don’t forget that…”

Strickland is still feeling the sting of a title-losing bout against Dricus du Plessis at UFC 297. He attributed his performance to an eye poke that allegedly impaired his vision. However, Du Plessis refuted the claim.