Jake Paul is SLAMMED over low profile opponent choice: 35 year-old opponent who quit boxing in 2018 to work on oil rigs

On Tuesday, popular YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul announced his upcoming match against 35-year-old cruiserweight Ryan Bourland.

Fans were distinctly disappointed, and the announcement triggered numerous reactions on social media.

One fan responded on Instagram writing, “Bros fighting plumbers.”

“That is my Uber driver,” another fan said.

Another fan demanded that Paul should “stop facing grandpas.”

Scheduled for March 2 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the showdown between Paul and Bourland raises eyebrows. Bourland is a former Golden Gloves champion and boasts an impressive record of 17 wins in 19 matches, six by knockout.

But concerns arise when examining the quality of his recent opponents, whose combined record in the last three matches stands at 28-17-1. In contrast, Jake Paul with an 8-1 record holds the highest winning percentage among Bourland’s recent opponents.

Bourland also easily qualifies as one of Paul’s strongest opponents. This includes former MMA competitors, boxer Andre August, former Knicks star Nate Robinson, and Tommy Fury.

Paul defended his choice to take on Bourland in a statement released by MVP, his promotion firm.

He said: “I’ve always said my goal is to become a world champion. I beat a pro boxer in December in the first round, someone who’s been boxing their entire life, and what did I do next? I went straight back to camp to get ready to face my next opponent, a professional boxer who has twice as many professional fights under his belt than I do.”

“It’s a new year, it’s an even better me, and I’m facing an even more experienced, seasoned boxer on Saturday, March 2 as co-main to the Puerto Rican GOAT, Amanda Serrano.”

Paul revealed that proceeds from the event would be donated to Boxing Bullies, in order to rebuild gyms across Puerto Rico.

In response, Bourland dismissed Paul as a mere social media influencer lacking seriousness in boxing.

He stated: “Jake Paul steps into the ring with his social media clout, but let’s not mistake followers for experience or skill. While he’s been busy chasing likes, I’ve been honing my craft for years, stepping into the ring and beating real boxers. On Saturday, March 2 I will shock the world and put an end to Jake Paul’s boxing career.”

The clash between Jake Paul and Ryan Bourland met with wide controversy. Fans remain divided, questioning the legitimacy of the bout while Paul and Bourland each aim to make their mark in the boxing world.