Jake Paul defends Nina Agdal from Dillon Danis attacks

Jake Paul has finally taken a stand in support of Nina Agdal and Logan Paul, who have been facing relentless harassment from Dillon Danis online. Jake called out the former UFC combatant “hurtful.”

The animosity between the Paul brothers and Dillon Danis dates back to Jake’s initial challenge to Conor McGregor for a boxing match a few years ago. This feud has simmered over time, leading to the current situation.

As the date of the impending bout between Dillon and Logan set for October 14 approaches, Dillon has escalated the situation by targeting the YouTuber-turned-wrestler on a deeply personal level. He has gone as far as posting both real and fabricated photos of Logan’s fiancée Nina Agdal with other men. This prompted Nina to take legal action, seeking a restraining order against Dillon and damages totaling $150,000.

Typically when one of the Paul brothers is embroiled in a conflict, the other stands in solidarity. However, there has been a minor rift between Jake and Logan.

Initially, Jake indicated that he saw no need to intervene as he believed that the friction between Logan and Danis was generating valuable publicity. Nevertheless, he has now chosen to step up in defense of his brother and Nina.

Jake joined Logan on episode 394 of imPaulsive, where they candidly addressed the ongoing disputes involving Logan, Nina, and Dillon.

Jake pointed out, “When he tweets about anything other than Nina, no one cares, it doesn’t get good engagement. Yeah, he makes jokes, but it’s largely in part that he’s exploiting Nina and there are so many hurt males out there that can’t get girls and they’re the ones that are like ‘yeah, f*ck girls, f*ck women, I love what Dillon is doing’ and they know they won’t ever get a hot girl.”

“Now they’re finding a way out to unleash their hate through this super hateful, insecure male who is clearly, clearly a very hurt person.”

Furthermore, Jake played down the significance of the staggering 2 billion views garnered by the former UFC combatant on his Twitter account in recent weeks. He emphasized that unless Dillon’s focus was on Nina, his posts failed to gain any substantial traction.