Jake Paul claimed Floyd Mayweather nixed boxing match offer

YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul recently claimed that Floyd Mayweather avoided a potential boxing opportunity against him. This revelation comes from Happy Punch Promotions, a prominent influencer in the boxing realm.

Reveling in victory from his recent match against 35-year-old professional boxer Andre August on December 15, Jake Paul faced criticism regarding his choice of opponent. But with the win, Paul solidified an 8-1 professional boxing record along with five knockout victories. His steadfast ambition now revolves around clinching a world boxing title.

After the recent bout, speculation arose about Paul’s prospective bouts. Jake Paul claimed that Floyd Mayweather declined his offer for a boxing match, a proposition Mayweather had previously accepted from Jake’s brother Logan Paul.

According to the post, Jake Paul made a statement: “We tried to make the Floyd fight happen, he ducked it.”

Subsequently, boxing enthusiasts chimed in with their opinions.

Responses varied widely, showcasing diverse perspectives. Some fans brushed off Paul’s claim, suggesting Floyd’s decision was more about monetary preferences rather than fear.

One top comment highlighted, “Bro saying “ducked it” like if Floyd is scared of him. He just isn’t going to give Floyd the amount of money he likes.”

Meanwhile, others defended Mayweather’s established legacy, asserting: “Floyd don’t gotta box no one, his legacy is solid.”

Many staunch supporters of Jake Paul fervently believed that if the bout were to materialize, Floyd Mayweather might face his first professional loss. One said: “Floyd will have his first professional loss against Jake Paul.”

A wave of speculation ensued, with discussions revolving around potential outcomes. One comment read: “Floyd wins by points. But I believe a knockout from Jake is very possible, could make him 50-1.”

Whether Mayweather and Paul ever enter the ring and square off is still up in the air.