Jake Paul calls out Mike Tyson for $300million comeback boxing match

Youtube sensation turned boxer, Jake Paul is still interested in a boxing bout against boxing legend Mike Tyson, despite Tyson asking for a massive purse. Tyson initially thought $100 million would be a sufficient ask but once things got real and he was offered a purse in the neighborhood of $50 million he buckled.

Jake Paul has stated that he is willing to bulk up to heavyweight to box Iron Mike. Jake believes the match between him and Tyson is worth around $200 to $300 Million.

It was reported earlier this year that Jake and Mike are in ‘advanced talks’ for a fight. But Tyson revealed he is not aware of such a deal. And then Iron Mike hilariously priced himself out of a match against Jake Paul, when he asked for an unrealistic purse of $1 billion.

Despite all this Jake believes that a an event featuring him and Tyson is not off the table. The 25 year old Youtuber also believes it would make them both huge money if it happens.

The ‘Problem Child’ recently appeared on his buddy and fellow YouTuber Bear Degidio’s
‘The Journey’ podcast and spoke about many things including a possible fight against Legend Mike Tyson.

He said on the podcast: “I would step up to Mike Tyson for sure.”

“I joke with my friends about it, and I’m like I’ll start eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts and move up to heavyweight and take on Mike Tyson.”

“That fight would actually excite me because that’s actually a $200 million dollar, $300 million dollar event.

“Mike Tyson, bro, if you’re watching this, let’s have some fun. New school vs old school. I think that’s something fans would want to see.”

Tyson has recently revealed that he is in need of money despite thriving in business. Tyson returned to the boxing ring in 2020 against Roy Jones Jr. This bout with Jones made the top 10 highest-selling pay-per-view events in history. Keeping in mind that Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson was the co-main of the Tyson vs Jones Jr fight.

Will we ever see a Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul fight? We’ll find out soon enough.