Jake Paul addresses criticism, will re-asses low profile opponent choice

YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul recently won against boxer Ryan Bourland via a decisive first-round knockout victory in San Juan, Puerto Rico. After the win, Paul finds himself once again grappling with the familiar criticism of cherry-picking opponents.

Jake Paul has often been accused of strategically choosing opponents that he deems are easier. These accusations have lingered throughout his boxing career.

In a recent episode of BS w/ Jake Paul, the YouTuber-turned-boxer engaged in a candid conversation with his brother, Logan Paul.

Logan wasted no time diving into the heart of the matter, questioning Jake about the perceived caliber of his opponents. He confronted him with the online critique that often surfaces.

Logan stated: “How do you feel about the level of opponent that you picked? Because I know the number one critique that you’re going to see online is that this guy wasn’t a fighter that could match your skill. ”

In response, Jake Paul acknowledged the criticism but defended his choices. He pointing out that on paper, Bourland was expected to be a formidable opponent with an impressive background.

However, Jake expressed his frustration that Bourland turned out to be underprepared for the match.

He said: “…On paper, he was supposed to be his record, his background being a three time Golden Gloves champion. And then, yeah, he just comes underprepared or I’m sharper than these guys. So I think we really have to take a step back and like, assess the level of opposition.”

Acknowledging the need for self-reflection, Jake Paul asserted: “But that’s what we’re doing here is getting the experience under the lights and building my career and seeing where the levels are. Maybe we need to go somewhere else and figure out who could be a tougher fight for me because that’s what I want.”

This admission from Jake Paul suggests a genuine willingness to evaluate his approach to opponent selection and address the recurring criticism head-on. As he navigates the path of his growing boxing career, the call to “take a step back” implies a thoughtful reconsideration of the boxers he faces in the ring.