Israel Adesanya avoids conviction for DUI charge, but receives fine

Israel Adesanya faced legal troubles when charged with a DUI on August 19. He was operating a vehicle with 87 milligrams of alc. per 100 milliliters of blood, exceeding the legal limit of 50 milligrams.

Generally, the maximum penalty for this offense is a three-month imprisonment or a $4500 fine. This incident occurred just weeks before his title defense against Sean Strickland, resulting in a decision loss.

Adesanya apologized for his behavior in a statement after his arrest for drunk driving.

Back in September, he gave a statement: “I want to apologize to the community, my family and my team for the decision I made to get behind the wheel after drinking at dinner. I am disappointed with my decision to drive. It was wrong. I know that people might follow me, and I want them to know I do not think this behavior is acceptable.”

Israel Adesanya appeared in court again on Tuesday in New Zealand for the hearing. According to the New Zealand Herald, he received a discharge without conviction.

Instead, the judge mandated Adesanya to contribute $1500 to a charity, abstain from driving for six months, and enroll in a stop-drink driving program at a convenient time by the year’s end.

Addressing Adesanya in the courtroom dock, Judge Winter said: “I’m sure you have learned from this. You would not want to be placed in this position again, as you realize.”

Adesanya then expressed gratitude towards the judge for not convicting him on the charge. He said: “Your Honor. Thank you.”

Post his decision loss to Strickland in September, Adesanya announced a hiatus from MMA. However, recent developments suggest a return to the scene.

Adesanya’s lawyer Karl Trotter disclosed during the court hearing that Adesanya is expected to be in Toronto on Jan 20. He will be attending the event to witness the middleweight title match between Strickland and Du Plessis.

Adesanya currently has a professional record of 24-3 and aims to bounce back after the setback against Strickland.