Iranian Hulk unveils new physique, quits social media hiatus

Iranian Hulk, whose real name is Sajjad Gharibi, has made a return to social media, showcasing his transformed physique after his infamous boxing defeat against Kazakh Titan, Djumanov Almat Bakhytovich, last July in Dubai.

Gharibi spent nearly a year away from the public eye but has recently resurfaced on Instagram, offering glimpses of his training regimen to his nearly one million followers.

In a recent video posted on Instagram, Gharibi can be seen in the gym, dramatically unveiling his enhanced physique by removing his t-shirt.

Accompanying the post was a caption that hinted at personal growth: “Maybe if I showed up with a new physical strength this year, last year [would have] never happened. Change in physical appearance and increase in physical strength. I’m training hard every day to become the strongest version of me.”

This social media sensation also hinted at a return to combat sports, revealing that he is set to compete for Czech promotion Red Face on September 9. While no opponent has been announced yet, the promotion has teased Gharibi’s upcoming event by sharing several training clips on their Instagram account.

Red Face, known for hosting a variety of combat sports events, including traditional MMA bouts and boxing matches in a cage, seems poised to provide a platform for Iranian Hulk’s return.

Gharibi’s credibility had previously come into question, with speculation that he edited his pictures. This theory gained traction when he wore a baggy t-shirt to cover his physique during his fight against Bakhytovich. It was evident that Gharibi had not adequately trained for the boxing match, as most of his social media posts focused on weightlifting rather than boxing training.

Despite the controversies, Gharibi signed a deal with Wicked ‘N’ Bad for his bout against Bakhytovich, following the collapse of an agreement with the Bare Knuckle FC due to concerns about his legitimacy as a boxer.

In 2021, Gharibi was rumored to face strongman rival Martyn Ford at London’s O2 Arena, with the two even participating in a face-off in Dubai to promote the bout. During the staredown, Gharibi, often referred to as the “World’s Scariest Man,” was dwarfed by Ford, and he was sent flying by a push from the English strongman. The event ultimately did not materialize as Ford expressed concerns about Gharibi’s mental well-being, leading to a potential legal dispute between the two.

Iranian Hulk’s return to the world of combat sports is generating significant interest and intrigue, and fans eagerly await his next opponent and performance.