Iranian Hulk and Kazakh Titan come to blows at face offs ahead of super heavyweight boxing bout

Before their boxing match this Saturday, Iranian Hulk and Kazakh Titan have finally met in person. The two super-heavyweights weigh a combined 510 lbs.

The two had a face off ahead of their boxing bout and Kazakh Titan and the Iranian Hulk got into a shoving match.

Kazakh Titan’s actual name is Djumanov Almat Bakhytovich. On Sunday night in Dubai, Bakhytovich and Sajad Gharibi will have their long-awaited boxing date. For a hot minute, the two have traded verbal jabs, with the Iranian star even proposing they touch gloves. The Iranian Hulk was left without an opponent to box against after Martyn Ford backed out of their rivalry over concern for Gharibi’s mental health and well being.

The super-heavyweight rivals will now square off as part of boxing promotion called ‘Wicked ‘N’ Bad’ after an earlier promotional deal fell through.

Since his agreement with another foe Martyn Ford fell through, Gharibi has been pressing to make his boxing debut. After defeating the Kazakh Titan, he has promised to restart his rivalry with Ford and will be seeking to prove himself.

Before the bout this weekend, he said, “I will be a great champion for Iran and I’ll represent my people with respect and all my strength.”

“After I win this, I want to challenge myself against Martyn Ford, this boxing bout will happen, if Martyn is too scared to box me then the world will know. I’m stepping into the ring now ready to box.”

Despite the stark size disparity and the fact that he only has eight minutes to do it on the night, his Kazakh opponent is certain he can pull off a knockout victory. Both boxers are making their combat sports debuts.

Bakhytovich is certain that he will be able to impress his fans.