UFC Middleweight reveals Injury Shortened Reach by an inch Inch

Joe Pyfer is set to compete this weekend at UFC Fight Night 236, but his journey to the big show has not been easy. Pyfer suffered a devastating arm injury in 2019 that nearly ended his career.

During a bout, Pyfer broke his right arm completely and tore all the ligaments. He required two major surgeries and intensive rehabilitation. Doctors gave him only a 30% chance of regaining full function in his arm.

He said: “It was be Joe Pyfer. The kid got turned away, broke his arm, almost two years out. My career was supposed to be over, okay? Over, not f**king hurt. Over!”

Remarkably, Pyfer was able to recover and continue pursuing his UFC dream. However, the injury left lasting effects. Pyfer lost nearly an inch of reach in his right arm compared to his left. This is a significant disadvantage for a striker like Pyfer.

He continued: “I had to get two major surgeries. I was told I had a 30% chance of success. I still lost like half a f**king inch on my reach, and yeah, I mean I wasn’t supposed to make it and I came back. That’s what that message is, and I didn’t even have the best performance when I won my contract. It’s just I fought with emotion I fought with passion you could see it, like I wanted to win, you know.”

Despite this limitation, Pyfer earned a UFC contract in 2022 with an impressive knockout win on Dana White’s Contender Series. He had to modify his striking style to account for the reduced reach on his right side.

Now Pyfer is set for the biggest match of his career against UFC veteran Jack Hermansson. He acknowledges his arm will never be 100% again but is not letting it stop him from achieving his goals.

Pyfer’s perseverance through a potentially career-ending injury shows his determination and heart. Many combatants’ would have hung up their gloves after such a devastating setback. But Pyfer was resolute in his dream of reaching the UFC.

While an inch less reach may seem small, it presents real challenges for Pyfer. He will have to continue adjusting his stand-up attack to make up for his limited right arm. Still, he enters the Octagon this weekend ready to prove he belongs with the elite.