Ian Garry faces backlash over alleged Adidas Ad copycat promo video

In the lead-up to his UFC 296 welterweight clash against Vicente Luque, rising MMA star Ian Garry has sparked controversy with a promotional video that fans claim mirrors an iconic Adidas advertisement. The Dublin-based fighter, often likened to Conor McGregor, is already facing scrutiny for his recent jabs at Luque’s religious Instagram post.

Currently ranked 7th in the Welterweight contenders list, Garry is eyeing a title shot in 2024. However, his promotional tactics have taken a controversial turn as fans noticed striking similarities between his video and a well-known Adidas FC Barcelona ad.

The promotional video, shared on Garry’s Twitter account, addresses the hate and bias he has faced in the spotlight. While it emphasizes his undefeated status, fans quickly pointed out the uncanny resemblance to the Adidas ad, raising concerns over potential copyright infringement.

In the video, Garry candidly discusses the reasons for being a target, citing criticism for his speech, walk, and being labeled a McGregor fanboy. The striking parallels with the Adidas ad, including angles, lines, background music, and overall theme, have led fans to question the originality of Garry’s promotional approach.

Despite the impactful message against his critics, fans are divided, with some praising the video’s boldness, while others criticize it as an unoriginal attempt. Social media reactions suggest that Garry may face consequences not only from fans but potentially from Adidas. Fans on Twitter anticipate legal repercussions, speculating that the sportswear giant might take issue with the apparent imitation.

As Garry prepares for his UFC 296 bout against Luque, the controversy surrounding the video adds an unexpected layer to the narrative. Whether this will impact his standing with Adidas and the UFC remains uncertain, but the MMA community will be closely watching how this unfolds in the days leading up to the highly anticipated welterweight clash.