Hypocritical? Three times Sean Strickland crossed the line despite shaming Du Plessis for his trash talk

Sean Strickland is a prominent figure in the UFC world who has garnered fame for his penchant for stirring controversy. His track record includes a string of remarks laden with sexism, misogyny, and cynicism. This has sparked widespread criticism from both UFC followers and fans.

The most recent spectacle involving Sean Strickland unfolded during UFC 296. An altercation transpired between him and South African combatant Dricus Du Plessis. This heated exchange stemmed from a series of unpleasant comments traded between the two during the UFC 2024 Season Press Conference.

At this event, tensions escalated when Du Plessis delved into sensitive aspects of Strickland’s past, notably addressing issues of abuse. This verbal altercation foreshadowed their impending showdown at UFC 297 scheduled for January 20, 2024. Meanwhile, Strickland has a history of making controversial remarks that have often landed him in hot water.

Sean Strickland’s tendency to court controversy extends to his verbal clashes, including one with fellow American MMA star Kevin Holland. During an interview, Strickland made a disturbing comment about the hypothetical scenario of assaulting Holland in prison. He said: “I think I told him I could r*pe him in prison one day and it bothered him. If we were in a jail cell together, if I wanted to, I could take that a*s.”

He went on to say that he disliked Kevin Holland for saying he could beat him at the UFC Performance Institute. Since Strickland and Holland participate in separate divisions, it seems like the two will not be competing anytime soon.

Earlier this year, Strickland found himself under intense scrutiny following sexist remarks made during a press conference. His comments on women’s rights in the United States sparked outrage, suggesting regressive ideas about women’s roles, income disparity, and parenting.

Strickland stated: “We need to put women back in the kitchen, only one man needs to be working.” The 32-year-old was not punished for his words as the UFC has made it a point to provide competitors the freedom of expression. Therefoer, a number of combatants have not faced repercussions for making controversial remarks.

One cannot compile a list of Sean Strickland’s alarming remarks without including his remarks on Shalie Lipp. She was a talented mixed martial arts athlete who unfortunately lost his life in a vehicle accident in May 2023. As the UFC community gathered together to express their sympathies and mourn Lipp’s loss, Strickland somehow managed to create a ruckus.

Strickland acknowledged that Lipp’s passing was unfortunate. But he thought the fans’ outburst of grief was excessive. He said: “I dug a little deep and I’m gonna tell you. She wasn’t that f***ing good.”

Strickland’s dismissive attitude towards Dana White’s tribute further fueled controversy. He suggested that had Lipp not passed away, no one would have known her.