“Human embodiment of a bag of sh*t” – Sean Strickland urges fans wake up and see Andrew Tate for what he is

UFC middleweight contender Sean Strickland has never been shy about sharing his unfiltered opinions on sensitive social issues. Known for his confidence and outspoken nature, Strickland is widely recognized as one of the most vocal competitors on the UFC roster.

Recently, he expressed his strong disapproval of Andrew Tate and urged his followers to stop looking up to the controversial influencer.

Strickland recently reacted to a video featuring John Lovell, the founder of The Warrior Poet Society. He broke down Tate’s dishonesty and lies during interviews with Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens.

Strickland took to Twitter to share his thoughts and didn’t hold back. He wrote: “Andrew Tate is the definition of a POS. Literal human embodiment of a bag of sh*t… Y’all need to stop looking up to this human POS.”

Tate’s controversial actions have landed him in legal trouble as well. Last December, the Romanian anti-organized crime unit arrested Andrew Tate and his brother during a raid at their residence. Following over three months in jail and subsequent house arrest, the brothers were charged with a lot of different charges.

On the other hand, Sean Strickland is currently on a winning streak. Additionally, he positioned himself as a potential title contender against Israel Adesanya at UFC 293 on September 9 in Sydney.

Strickland has always advocated for independent thinking and was particularly critical of Andrew Tate’s aggressive masculinity brand, accusing him of scamming men. His tweet criticizing Tate received mixed reactions from fans and users.

While many fans sided with Strickland in his criticism of Tate, some attempted to defend the influencer despite his criminal charges. The comments section was filled with various reactions:

One user humorously commented: “Careful bro they might start calling you woke because you talk smack about their lord and savior.”

Another fan praised Strickland, saying: “Damn huge W.”

A user jokingly wrote: “Was it the app or the $100 comic book that gave it away?”

One fan expressed their support for Strickland’s potential title shot, stating: “Holy Sean W, I think He deserves the Title Shot after that.”

In defense of Tate’s message to young men, another user said: “I’m not sayin’ he’s a great person, but his overall message to young men isn’t near as bad as most the things they are being told.”

However, not everyone agreed with Strickland’s views. One user fired back at the UFC competitor, saying: “Ironic coming from you. You are a bigger piece of sh*t, IMO.”