How many untrained men would it take to subdue Jon Jones? This MMA champ thinks it’s 500

Since his first appearance in the UFC back in 2008, Jon Jones has stood as an undefeated force within the cage. His prowess extends far beyond the Octagon as he has solidified his standing as a formidable presence even outside the ring. This facet of Jones was recently proved by MMA world champion Jake Shields.

Jake Shields is renowned for his presence on Twitter and has a penchant for controversy. He recently responded to a question regarding the number of untrained individuals needed to overpower Jones on average.

MMA fans recently got outraged over NBA star James Johnson claiming he can beat Jon Jones in MMA.

In response, Shields stated: “Great question and my guess is around 500 and he would be too worn down and injured and eventually overcome.”

Since beginning in the UFC over a decade ago, Jones has remained undefeated. His sole loss came in the form of a disqualification in a 2009 bout against Matt Hamill, stemming from the use of illegal elbows against his opponent. Notably, Jones has not engaged in a non-title bout since 2011.

Both within and beyond the confines of the Octagon, Jon Jones emerges as an undeniable force. Shields’s assessment might indeed hold weight, considering Jones’s renowned fight IQ and adaptability. MMA enthusiasts eagerly await Jones’s return to the ring, anticipating another remarkable display of his skills.

A controversial figure within the MMA community, Jake Shields is no stranger to making headlines. His admiration for Jones is palpable, and he has also extended empathy towards Jones during instances of public scrutiny for PED use.

The MMA community stands divided on Shields’s assertion regarding Jones’s ability to win against 500 untrained individuals. While some contend that such a feat is implausible, others joke that using PEDs  would cause him to finish even more people.

Some of the comments are as follows:

“I think more. That’s about 500 punches. I’m assuming it’s one at a time. He could body lock a few and rest as they die slowly. Eventually he’d get dehydrated.”

“Imagine going first! 🤣🤣”

“If we’re throwing c**aine into the mix I think he’d easily merk 1000 people.”

“Give him a bump every 8-10 and I’d say nothing short of 800.”