MMA fans outraged over NBA star James Johnson claiming he can beat Jon Jones in MMA

NBA athlete James Johnson recently sparked controversy by asserting that with a year of intensive defensive grappling training, he could defeat MMA legend Jon Jones. This bold statement has ignited a fierce debate among sports enthusiasts and garnered attention across various platforms.

During his iconic UFC career, former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones beat three generations of the sport’s top combatants. He is regarded by many as the greatest martial artist in history.

In a candid interview, Johnson expressed confidence in his physical prowess and striking abilities and believes they could outshine Jones. However, he acknowledged the need to bolster his grappling defense to level the playing field against Jones.

He emphasized, “I think I could beat him for real! But like I said, with a year of training defense, I just need ground defense.”

The MMA community, responded with vehement disagreement, launching a barrage of critiques aimed at Johnson’s claims. Some of the comments are as follows:

“What has Bradley Martyn done”

“Let’s set it up. I’d pay to watch that 15s fight”

“Bro take 10 years. You are NOT beating Jon”

“Let’s make it happen just for funsies”

Jones’ recent transition to the heavyweight division in 2023 culminated in a historic victory, as he clinched the UFC heavyweight title by defeating the formidable striking ace Ciryl Gane at UFC 285. This triumph marked a pivotal moment in Jones’ career, setting the stage for what promises to be an electrifying journey in the heavyweight ranks.

Looking ahead, Jones is poised to face the former two-time heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic in his first title defense at the highly anticipated UFC 295 PPV event scheduled for November 11, 2023. Miocic’s legacy as the most accomplished heavyweight in UFC history lends an additional layer of significance to this showdown.

A victory against the most decorated heavyweight in UFC history would definitely enhance Jones’ reputation as the GOAT further.