Henry Cejudo tweets-and-deletes startling dig about Sean O’Malley’s wife

The ongoing feud between Henry Cejudo and Sean O’Malley continues to captivate MMA fans. Known for their verbal sparring on social media, these combatants have showcased a knack for engaging in heated exchanges.

Recently, the war of words escalated when O’Malley commented on Cejudo’s appearance in response to one of his tweets. Mocking Cejudo’s facial appearance, O’Malley called him “chubby.”

Not one to back down, Cejudo responded by cleverly referencing O’Malley’s personal life. He responded with a sly jab about his non-monogamous relationship. Although Cejudo eventually deleted the tweet, it didn’t escape the notice of avid fans.


Cejudo tweeted: “Happy Thanksgiving, Sean. Enjoy watching someone stuff your girl’s turkey.”

Fans loved Cejudo’s reply and @AjDuxche posted a screenshot of the exchange, leading to an outpouring of admiration among fans.

One fan commented: “This could’ve been the biggest violation of all time if he kept it up.”

Another wrote: “Probably because he’s judged Conor [McGregor] for bringing family into things and then did the same himself. Or he was in between oregano.”

Recently, Henry Cejudo offered his opinion on the potential bout between Justin Gaethje and Max Holloway.The former two-division champion said he didn’t think Holloway would stand up and that he may get knocked out.

Henry Cejudo made the following prediction in a new video that he posted to his YouTube channel, indicating that Justin Gaethje will probably defeat Max Holloway:

“Who is it that’s more likely going to win?… He’s [Gaethje] got too much power for a guy like Max Holloway. He’s going to chop Max Holloway’s legs. He’s going to calf kick him, he’s going to bring in those crazy uppercuts, and he may be the first guy to actually knock out Max Holloway. You have to give it to Justin ‘The Highlight’ Gaethje. I’ve got him by either TKO or KO. He’s just too big, and he’s too strong.”

Although Gaethje is certain that he will challenge Islam Makhachev for the lightweight title, the Dagestani grappling sensation is anticipated to face Charles Oliveira again soon. Conversely, Holloway has to wait for his turn as well and hopes to face Alexander Volkanovski the fourth time.