Henry Cejudo calls out McGregor’s coaches for being yes men, McGregor lashes out

Poor John Kavanagh just can’t catch a break – less than a month after Johnny Walker was turned into a meme, Henry Cejudo set sights  on his job.

The former two division UFC champion had some helpful advice for McGregor, after McGregor shared boxing footage of himself in recovery. McGregor is currently still recovering from the brutal leg break he suffered in defeat to Dustin Poirier last year.

It all started once Cejudo offered some benevolent advice:

Your hands are down and your distance is off. Stay away from them yes men. Just a tip from the (goat)

McGregor was initially unprepared to respond so he posted a crying laughing emoji face in reply to Cejudo holding the pads for Bellator champion Cris Cyborg.

It escalated from there with McGregor using a flurry of insults.

“The audacity of this little fat midget novice to be holding a kick pad for cris cyborg. Look at the state of him omg. Fat midget novice.”

He followed that hem up by digging up an old tweet of Cejudo praising him and quote tweeted:

“Fat midget novice. Lick arse for press.”

McGregor is not wrong in one estimate – Cejudo is on point that the press and fans are out for blood when it comes to McGregor’s coaching team. Kavanagh went through a whole onslaught following the vicious knock out of Johnny Walker last month – in addition to being regularly roasted for the lack of success McGregor has had as of late.