Heavyweight YouTubers with a combined weight of 800lb pitted against each other in boxing

Two of the most popular YouTube personalities, Wings of Redemption and Boogie2988, are set to battle it out in the undercard of KSI’s upcoming card against Joe Fournier on May 13. The much-anticipated event is sure to attract a lot of attention, with the combined weight of the two YouTubers expected to be over 800lb.

Wings of Redemption, whose real name is Richard “Jordie” Jordan, rose to fame in 2008 for his popular Call of Duty videos. He quickly gained a massive following on the platform for his unique playing style and controversial content, which often involved heated rivalries with other content creators.

Meanwhile, Boogie2988, whose real name is Steven Williams, has over four million subscribers on YouTube and is best known for his comedic sketches featuring the character “Francis”.

Despite Boogie’s health issues, including asthma, arthritis, and polycythemia, the YouTuber has accepted the challenge to box Wings of Redemption in a three-round match with each round expected to last for two minutes. Boogie hopes to inspire his fans and others facing similar health issues by taking on this challenge.

KSI, who is undefeated since his return to the ring last year after a three-year layoff, is also set to fight Joe Fournier in the main event. The YouTube star has expressed his excitement over the upcoming card, stating that he can’t believe it’s happening.


The fiboxing bout ght between Wings of Redemption and Boogie2988 promises to be an exciting one. Boogie, who has been open about his struggles with mental and physical health, hopes to prove to himself that he can face his fears and put everything he has learned in the last few weeks into action.

Both YouTubers have a massive following, and their fans are eagerly waiting for the showdown. The fight is expected to be an entertaining one, with both Wings and Boogie putting in their best efforts to emerge victorious.