Has Conor McGregor undergone a hair transplant?

Conor McGregor is edging toward his UFC return with a stint on UFC reality series booked. McGregor hasn’t competed since July of 2021 when he suffered a catastrophic leg break.

He all but admitted that he’s doing ‘everything he can’ to be able to return to combat sports and even emphasized that an injury like the one he suffered can compromise an athlete’s life let alone his professional career.

McGregor in 2019
McGregor in 2019

Back in 2019, McGregor explained his sister Erin was a hairdresser and how he believed exfoliating scrub could help prevent his hair loss.

“The hair cannot grow if the scalp is covered. If you’re putting product in your hair or you’re washing it with stupid hotel shower stuff… If the scalp is clogged up, the hair follicles can’t grow. They die.”

McGregor looked substantially bigger during his extended absence from the USADA pool prompting speculations about what he’s taking. McGregor was spotted with thinning hair on his dome back in 2022.

Further, McGregor’s hairline significantly changed. Back in the day, McGregor took this photo for GQ:


McGregor was spotted with a significantly different hairline in 2022, not to mention the physique.

Hair loss is often tied to genetics so it might not surprise you to learn that McGregor’s dad Tony underwent a successful hair transplant in March of 2022.

Tony McGregor visited the Scalp Aesthetics in Dublin
Tony McGregor visited the Scalp Aesthetics in Dublin

McGregor’s father appeared to be happy with the end result and showcased in on his son’s yacht:




Tony McGregor shows off his new hair do on board the 188 yacht
Tony McGregor shows off his new hair do on board the 188 yacht

As per irishmirror:

“The 61-year-old added the procedure was “uncomfortable”, but it wasn’t as sore as people might expect.

“You put up with it for vanity purposes,” he said jokingly. “I want to present myself as the best international yachtsman.””