Handcuffed Perp Decides To Run For It – Gets Stopped By BJJ Blue Belt

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tend to showcase their skillset on the mat however it’s not terribly rare that they apply the skill to every day situations. Generally speaking, BJJ is regarded as one of the most practical martial arts to use in real-life situations.

One of the perfect examples of this is the incident that happened in Dallas, Texas recently.

An unnamed fake merchandise seller was having a bad day at a Dallas’ Convenient Center. He was selling fake rare and unique cards at the Dallas Card Show, thinking everything will go smoothly. Unfortunately for him, he was caught selling fake  cards to unsuspecting buyers. The police then approached the guy to apprehend him. They slapped a pair of cuffs on the perp.

However, a fairly stupid idea occurred to the guy’s during the arrest. He decided to run off from the police to a crowded area inside the building.  Luckily, the police didn’t need to put more effort into catching the guy thanks to a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner who happened to be around.


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Blue belt in Jiu Jitsu quickly tackled him, grounded him and put him in a rear-naked choke. The guy was still resisting despite the fact that there was no way for him to escape as the police and other people started to surround him.

After a bit of effort, the police could finally finish the arrest and take full control of him.