GSP is confident he could’ve defeated Khabib, outlines strategy

The retirement of Khabib Nurmagomedov left many MMA fans with unanswered questions and dream matchups that never materialized. Among those matchups, the hypothetical showdown between Khabib and Georges St Pierre stands out as a tantalizing what-if scenario.

Recently, GSP shared his thoughts on whether he could have defeated Khabib and outlined his strategy for such a bout.

GSP was asked whether he believed he could beat guys like Conor McGregor or Khabib Nurmagomedov if he underwent six months of training, with his opponents doing the same. GSP’s response was confident: “What if I did the same? The motivation to do it? Yeah, I believe so.”


While GSP appears open to the idea of competing again, even in grappling events, Khabib Nurmagomedov remains firmly committed to his retirement. Recently it was revealed Nurmagomedov priced himself out of the Grappling Invitational UFC is hosting. Nurmagomedov is reported to have asked for $5 million to take part in the special match.

UFC President Dana White attempted to entice Khabib back with a grappling match several times previously, but Khabib declined, emphasizing his focus on training and helping other achieve success.

GSP’s willingness to consider special events or novelty fights shows his enduring passion for the sport. Although he has officially retired and is 42 years old, GSP maintains a high level of fitness and continues to train like a professional athlete.


In a recent discussion, Georges St Pierre delved into his strategy for facing Khabib Nurmagomedov. He acknowledged Khabib’s strength in isometric power and technical prowess. GSP, known for his explosiveness, highlighted the importance of dynamic movements in the bout.

“I’m more of a more of a dynamic of, yeah, I like to explode.”

“So that’s one of my strengths, which Khabib is very good at. For example, at a very good technically. And he’s very strong in isometric strength, as I heard. So he’s very good with this style of addressing. ”

When asked if he could take Khabib down, GSP replied: “I think I could, yeah. I think he could take me down as well.”