Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia agree to bet their ENTIRE purse on result of their clash this weekend

Boxing sensations Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia have taken their upcoming match to another level by betting their entire purses on the outcome.

In a live video on Instagram with nearly 200,000 fans watching, Davis and Garcia made the high-stakes bet. This added more excitement and anticipation to their already highly-anticipated bout in Vegas on Saturday night.

Davis and YouTuber Kai Cenat were on a live stream when Garcia hopped on the screen from his car. Davis then challenged his opponent by saying, “Yo, you wanna bet?”

Garcia then confidently replies, “Yeah, let’s do it… I’m down.” Davis then clarified the amount asking, “The whole purse?”

Garcia agrees to it and says, “Let’s do it, the whole purse.” He then adds: “You hear me on the live, let’s go, let’s make a contract, let’s sign it, both of us.”

Davis then seems to start making a phone call to implement the plans. On the other hand, Cenat yells: “We about to get paid.”

‘Sporting Payouts’ reported that Davis is guaranteed $1.5 million for the bout. On the other hand, Garcia, is only predicted to get $350,000. The pay-per-view (PPV) share is also in Davis’ favor with a split of 60-40.

This means that Garcia has much more to gain from the bet, potentially earning over four times his current fee for the bout. Garcia has an impressive record of 23-0, including 19 knockouts. Even though he is a formidable opponent, he is considered to be the underdog in this matchup.

On the other hand, Davis is four years older than Garcia. He boasts a perfect career record of 28-0, with 26 wins by knockout.

Recently, Ryan Garcia talked about Francis Ngannou on Paddy’s podcast. He said: “It’s gonna be hard or anybody getting into a new sport or vice versa boxing, somebody going into MMA, you know, it’s going to be tough. I think it’s gonna be tough for him. I know he’s a one-of-a-kind athlete, obviously that’s why he has the opportunity to go in there…”

“If you don’t understand the little aspects of it, you’re going to be in trouble. If you think you’re just gonna land a punch on anybody, it don’t work like that.”

Garcia wants Ngannou to succeed but is conscious of the difficulties that come with making the transition from MMA to boxing.

He added: “I just hope he gets paid good because I don’t think he beats any of those guys. I think that he could get hurt by Deontay Wilder. I think all of them can knock him out, but I do want him to get paid so I wish the best for him, that gets the best deal.”