Georges St-Pierre was set to grapple Nick Diaz but they both got injured

In a much-anticipated announcement, the UFC has confirmed that Georges St-Pierre will make his return to competitive grappling this December. While the news was met with great excitement, the opponent remained shrouded in mystery.

It was ultimately revealed that St-Pierre’s adversary would be former UFC competitor Nick Diaz. Unfortunately, fate had other plans. Both competitors sustained training injuries, resulting in the postponement of the highly-anticipated match.

Speaking to TSN, Georges St-Pierre shed light on the situation. He stated: “They had an opponent. His name was Nick Diaz, people who are familiar with the sport know that we competed against each other in mixed martial arts.”

“Unfortnately, he’s hurt, he has a neck injury and I just got hurt myself, I have a shoulder injury. So, I have to wait a few weeks to see if it will require surgery because some of the things are wear and tear and it will heal by itself.”

“But, when I got hurt, maybe the problem is mechanical. So, I have to wait a few weeks to see if it will require surgery and unfortunately, it will be canceled and perhaps postponed in the future.”

Despite the setback, St-Pierre remains optimistic about the future. He envisions the grappling showdown against Nick Diaz taking place in 2024, once both combatants have fully recovered.

St-Pierre believes Diaz is the ideal opponent, not only for the spectacle it promises but also for its potential to boost UFC Fight Pass subscriptions. Moreover, there exists a compelling history between the two competitors.

The clash between St-Pierre and Nick Diaz dates back to UFC 158, where they competed for the coveted welterweight title. In a dominant display of skill, it was St-Pierre who emerged victorious as he secured a one-sided decision.

Georges St-Pierre’s last foray into MMA was in 2017, culminating in a third-round submission victory over Michael Bisping. With the win, he ended up earning him the middleweight title.

On the other hand, Diaz made his return to the octagon in 2021. He squaring off against Robbie Lawler, only to succumb to a third-round TKO.