Fury Ducked? Deontay Wilder unretires after Tyson Fury retires sparking rumors that he was dodging another clash

Deontay Wilder might’ve been a bit sneaky. Fans have recently started pointing out how odd it was to see Wilder unretire just as Tyson Fury announced his own retirement.

Wilder was a force to be reckoned with and racked up a clean record consisting of 40 wins and no losses – that is until he clashed with Tyson Fury. The Fury boxing bouts left a sour taste in Wilder’s mouth with a draw and two finishes.

Fury announced his retirement last month following an impressive knock out win over fellow Brit, Dillian Whyte. Fury ended up retiring with 32-0-1 record – but despite that many, including his wife think he’s not serious about the retirement.

While Fury retired last month – Wilder is opting to return to the squared circle.

Wilder recently appeared at the unveiling of his life size statue in Tuscaloosa in Alabama and confirmed his return.

“This moment of time, my goodness,” he said. “In the midst of this journey, I’m being blessed.”

“It’s not like I’m retired and it’s been ten, twenty years. This is now that I’m getting my flowers. I can’t stop right now. I must continue with my journey. love you guys so much. I can’t end it like this. This journey’s not over with. I must continue my journey.”

But this wasn’t really taken in stride. Fans on twitter seemed to poke holes at Wilder’s story.

One wrote on Twitter “man waited till Fury retired. He can now go back to being champion again,” while another added that he “had to wait until Fury was gone in fear of losing again.”

It remains to be seen if Fury’s retirement announcement is legitimate, as the WBC have yet to force him to make a decision on giving up his world heavyweight belt.
As is, Fury announced he would be doing a Francis Ngannou exhibition sometime next year.