Francis Ngannou proposes Cross-Sport clash with Anthony Joshua

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou is not limiting his combat prowess to the octagon. After a controversial loss in his boxing debut against Tyson Fury in October, Ngannou has stirred the combat sports world by proposing a mixed-rules fight against British boxing sensation Anthony Joshua.

Ngannou, who had previously expressed interest in a mixed-rules showdown with Deontay Wilder, is now extending the invitation to Joshua. Despite his loss to Fury, Ngannou remains undeterred and is eager to showcase his versatility, offering Joshua the choice of the ring or the octagon.

In a recent appearance on the Club Shay Shay podcast, Ngannou stated, “Anything that he wants. Ring or octagon. The good thing is I’m the one that can go everywhere comfortably. My comfort zone will be the octagon, but I’m going to the ring and putting them in a bad spot in the ring.”

While acknowledging his dominance in MMA, Ngannou emphasized that he is willing to step into the boxing ring, highlighting his adaptability and asserting his capability to trouble even seasoned boxers.

The proposed clash with Joshua comes amid ongoing negotiations for potential fights with Wilder and a rematch against Fury. Joshua, currently gearing up for a bout against Otto Wallin on December 23, has found himself at the center of Ngannou’s cross-sport aspirations.

Ngannou dismissed skepticism from Joshua’s camp, suggesting that even Tyson Fury, whom Ngannou regards as superior to Joshua, had initially downplayed the idea. Ngannou remains steadfast, asserting, “What do I care about what people say? I’ve been in this game for so long. I’ve seen so much. I’ve heard so much what people intend to do. There’s a difference between wanting to do and be able to do.”

As the combat sports community buzzes with speculation, Ngannou’s return to the cage in the PFL next year adds another layer of anticipation. Whether the clash with Joshua materializes in the ring or the cage remains uncertain, but Ngannou’s bold propositions continue to make headlines, leaving fans intrigued about the potential spectacle that awaits.

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