Francis Ngannou met Deontay Wilder, Is he starting the prep for Tyson Fury’s boxing match?

Francis Ngannou, current UFC heavyweight champion, just met the former WBC heavyweight champion, Deontay Wilder.

In a video clip, both athletes have seen training and being friendly towards to each other at a gym.

Francis Ngannou is currently out of action due to his knee injury. He is working hard on his comeback. Francis was last seen at UFC 270, where he successfully defended his title against Ciryl Gane.

Ngannou has had a contentious relationship with the UFC due to his desire to become a free agent. He will become one come December of 2022 – unless the UFC were to strip him of the title in which case he would become a free agent immediately due to the fact a ‘championship clause’ was used to extend his contract.

On the other hand, Wilder had gone through two losses against Tyson Fury. Recent rumors have claimed that he intends to return to the ring.

Tyson Fury and Ngannou have debated the possibility of an exhibition fight for a long time.

Tyson retired after defeating Dillian Whyte and started a Twitter feud with Ngannou.
Fury tweeted: “Thought you wanted some smoke. Lets do a propper fight! Wembley Stadium 2022.”

Ngannou replied: “Don’t you dare think that I take my eyes out of you. You’re still my priority! I’m coming for all the smoke. 2023.”

Fury responded: “Bring it on big boy. You wouldn’t last a round me muscles.”

Ngannou had previously stated that a boxing match against Tyson Fury is a condition that has to be included in any future UFC contracts he may sign. Fury is still interested in a clash with Ngannou but it’s unclear when any such clash would happen due to the fact that Fury is impacted by a travel ban thanks to his connection to controversial adviser Daniel Kinahan.

If the match were to happen, the rules have yet to be determined. Unlike many other boxers, Fury showed a real openness towards hybrid rules.

Considering Ngannou just got back to training after a knee surgery it’s certainly interesting to see him cross paths with an iconic opponent of Tyson Fury considering that both Ngannou and Fury indicated interest in boxing exhibition.