Mike Tyson ‘taking Mexican supplements’ ahead of rumored ring return

Joe Rogan alleges that Mike Tyson is taking “Mexican supplements” in preparation for a possible comeback to the ring.

Mike made his comeback to boxing after a 15-year hiatus in 2020. At that time, he faced Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition bout. Even at the age of 55, Tyson displayed amazing speed and striking skill.

Tyson is expected to box again later this year, with Jake Paul being named as a possible opponent.

Mike Tyson has voiced his desire to return to the ring for a high-profile bout. The age difference between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson is 30 years. Some insiders commented that no athletic commission would be ok-ing the match up.

Floyd Mayweather, like Tyson, has been fighting in exhibition bouts since concluding his 50-0 pro career in 2017 with a victory over Conor McGregor.

Logan Paul famously boxed Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition match recently. However, the bout concluded with no winner after eight rounds.

On his show, Rogan contrasted the two renowned boxers, Tyson and Mayweather, saying, “The difference between Floyd and Mike Tyson is Floyd’s a 155lb. Mike Tyson’s 220lb, solid as a rock.”

“Even if he’s 55-years-old, he’s on all the Mexican supplements. He’s on everything. They use electrical muscular stimulation on him.”

Rogan pretty much confirmed that Tyson was on PEDs and Rogan knows a thing or two about this – being on HGH and TRT for a number of years.

In January of this year, it was reported that Jake and Tyson were in ‘advanced talks’ for a boxing bout. Yet Tyson has claimed that he is not aware of such a deal. He claimed he would be willing to fight Jake Paul for a whopping price of ‘1 Billion Dollars’.

In the meanwhile, Tyson has been podcasting and pushing non-fungible tokens on his social media.

Other than boxing, Tyson has other sources of income. His edibles, for example,  bring in approximately over $600,000 each month.