Francis Ngannou: ‘I won that fight, there’s no question about it’

In an surprising turn of events, Francis Ngannou came remarkably close to defeating the reigning WBC heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury. The pivotal moment came in the third round when Ngannou delivered a powerful blow that sent Fury to the canvas.

Despite Ngannou’s commendable performance, the outcome of the match stirred widespread debate. Tyson Fury ultimately secured a controversial split decision victory, leaving the online community sharply divided.

Amidst applause from the audience, Ngannou accepted the defeat with class and declared his desire for a rematch. He said: “I’m not giving any excuse, I work hard, I give my best,” Ngannou said. “I know I can work harder. I know myself, I know my dedication. … I’m getting ready to come here and take over.”

Ngannou later candidly shared his thoughts on the judges’ decision. He stated, “If he’s being honest, he would say that I won that fight, I won that fight, there’s not a question about it, but even before getting here, I knew that if the fact would get to a decision, I’m not winning, not because I didn’t do good, but because I’m the new guy in the house.”

Ngannou left the UFC with a 17-3-0 record. He has 12 knockout wins and 4 submission victories to his resume.

Undeterred by the outcome, Ngannou is now vocal about his desire for a rematch against Tyson Fury. This determination to prove his mettle in the ring further showcases Ngannou’s unyielding commitment to his craft.

In his interview after the match, Tyson Fury said that he was ready to rest. But Oleksandr Usyk had different ideas. In order to complete the arrangements for a matchup with the champion, he entered the ring.

The 35-year-old Fury is the current unbeaten WBC heavyweight champion and the lineal two-time champion. Following fifteen years of professional boxing, his record is still unbroken.