Francis Ngannou confident in knocking down Tyson Fury

As the highly anticipated showdown between Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury approaches, Ngannou is leaving no room for doubt, vowing that his punches will send the heavyweight champion crashing to the canvas.

In an exclusive conversation with TMZ Sports, Ngannou made this bold declaration while outside LAX, only two months before he steps into the boxing ring against the undefeated Fury (33-0) in Saudi Arabia.

Although he stopped short of promising a knockout, Ngannou expressed that he wouldn’t be surprised if his blows ultimately lead to that outcome. Acknowledging Fury’s resilience, he stated, “He’s good at coming back up. We gonna find out how good he is — but he’s gonna hit that canvas.”

While the prospect of Ngannou, a former UFC star, transitioning to professional boxing might raise eyebrows, he has taken his training with utmost seriousness. Despite being a newcomer to the boxing scene and facing a seasoned champion in Fury, Ngannou has dedicated himself to preparation. He has extensively studied Fury’s style and tactics, ensuring he enters the ring with a strategic advantage. Moreover, Ngannou’s commitment is evident as he has had the privilege of training alongside legendary boxer Mike Tyson.

Ngannou’s readiness and enthusiasm for the upcoming bout are palpable. He shared, “I’m super ready. I’m very excited about that fight. I’m getting ready. From Saturday, we’re 9 weeks out, a good amount of time to get those hands fast [and] strong.”

Looking beyond the impending clash with Fury, Ngannou provided insights into his future plans. He revealed that his next endeavor after the Fury fight is set for early 2024 with the Professional Fighters League (PFL). Having inked a multi-fight deal with PFL in May, Ngannou is poised to continue his journey in the world of mixed martial arts.

As the countdown to the Ngannou-Fury match intensifies, Ngannou’s unwavering confidence and dedication paint a compelling narrative, making the clash between these two formidable fighters a must-watch event in the world of combat sports.