Francis Ngannou admits he never wanted to leave UFC but contract left him with no choice

Former undisputed heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou surprised many when he exited the UFC earlier this year. However, recent revelations indicate that his departure might not have been entirely by choice.

Ngannou recently clarified that his departure from the Dana White-led promotion wasn’t his preferred choice. His exit was primarily prompted by the constraints of his contract obligations with the UFC, leaving him with limited alternatives.

Ngannou concluded his tenure with the UFC after fulfilling his contract terms. He had been sidelined since January of last year due to a severe knee injury he sustained prior to a title bout against Ciryl Gane.

The Batié native defeated Gane (the interim champion at the time) by unanimous decision in his last Octagon match. This served as his last bout in the UFC.

Transitioning to an agreement with the PFL, Ngannou expanded his horizons by venturing into professional boxing. He made his much-anticipated boxing debut against the WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Ngnnaou showed his exceptional skills, despite a controversial split decision loss.

Reflecting on his departure from the UFC, Ngannou affirmed that his contractual terms heavily influenced his decision-making. He expressed his lack of leverage and advocacy with the UFC contract, ultimately leading to an outcome beyond his control.

Speaking on Club Shay Shay, Ngannou admitted: “It was a decision, if it was up to me, I wouldn’t have taken that decision. The situation made me make that decision, but it wasn’t something that I was expecting or that I was thinking. I got to the point where I realized that for my best [interest], I had to make the right decision for myself and that was a good decision for myself.”

He went on to say: “I had a contract that I have no leverage in that contract. No power. Nobody can advocate for me.”