Former UFC champ Sean Strickland goes viral for fatphobic comments on social media

Former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland has always been a magnet for controversy. He often gives his unfiltered opinions on various serious topics.

One of his recent statements that raised eyebrows was his candid expression of distrust towards obese individuals.

In a social media post on platform X, Strickland unleashed his thoughts on overweight individuals which ignited a frenzy among his fans.

He said: ”Here’s why I don’t trust fat people… 1. Fat people are hard to look at. 2. Youre sweaty all the time. 3. You all struggle to do anything in life, especially eating. 4. You betray your arteries daily for sugar.. You will betray me for less.”


Fans quickly flooded the comments section, sharing their diverse reactions.

One fan agreed with Strickland, stating: ”You’re explanation definitely makes sense lol”

Another fan praised Strickland’s outspoken nature. He said: ”Sean, you are one of a kind!! you say what other people just think, but would never say”

However, not everyone agreed with Strickland’s perspective. A dissenting fan commented: ”I’ve known some fat people and they definitely do not struggle to eat.”

A recent Strickland controversy is his issue with Navy SEAL training. He recently put out an open challenge to the Navy SEALs, saying that no SEAL could withstand a week of training with him and his usual program.

This led to an unexpected response from former Navy SEAL Jimmy Watson. Through Instagram, Watson countered Strickland’s challenge.

He boldly stated: “Sean, we get it. You’re a bad*ss bro. Your training partners get millions of dollars and they actually live. My swim buddies, they die every single year. We’ve already proven that any kind of beatdown will not break us. But our training will simply just end your career.”

In response to Watson’s comments, Strickland took to platform X once again. He not only disagreed with Watson’s claim of protecting U.S. citizens’ freedom but also questioned the very foundation of the federal government.

He said:

“I made a navy seal upset, he said “we protect your freedom”

I’m very pro military but anti government

But to say “I protect your freedom”

Yall need a history lesson on the federal government. Google Snowden and the constitution. The sand people aren’t taking away my freedoms”

Sean Strickland remains a polarising figure, unafraid to voice his unfiltered thoughts and challenge established norms.