Former UFC champ polls fans on who the best fictional MMA star is: Tom Hardy or Jake Gyllenhaal

UFC icon Chuck Liddell has sparked excitement among fans by suggesting a potential showdown between Hollywood stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Hardy.

Jake Gyllenhaal is known for his versatile roles. He recently starred in Amazon Prime’s reimagining of the Hollywood classic ‘Road House’. In this version he portrayed the character of Elwood Dalton, a former UFC contender. Gyllenhaal shared the screen with UFC sensation Conor McGregor.

On the other hand, Tom Hardy appeared in the 2011 film ‘Warrior’. He depicted the character Tommy Conlon, an MMA competitor. The movie looked into the intense world of mixed martial arts, portraying the gripping story of Conlon’s journey alongside his estranged brother.

The intriguing parallels between their on-screen personas have led to widespread speculation about a hypothetical face-off. Chuck Liddell fueled this discourse by initiating a poll on Instagram, prompting fans to weigh in on their preferred victor. He stated: “Who you got?”

Opinions among fans varied, yet a prevailing sentiment emerged favoring Hardy.

One enthusiast articulated: “Bro you can’t compare Tom Hardy to Gyllenhaal. Tom would wipe the floor with little Jake…”

Another fan said: “Tommy all day, Tom Hardy is also a genuine BJJ Purple belt.”

A fan wrote: “Tom Hardy all day. I can’t take Gyllenhaal seriously as Dalton. I still see him as the bubble boy.”

A user even talked about the narratives of the two movies, saying: “S*** that’s hard man. Tommy Conlon ripped the door of a tank and Dalton succumbed to Knox in the first half of the movie. I will go Tommy!”

However, a fan supporting Gyllenhaal stated: “I mean Dalton Ellwood seems incapable of losing a fight AND he has the original Roadhouse film backing him. Watch the original if you haven’t it’s beautiful.”

Hardy’s support from fans is probably a result of his prior Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu knowledge, which he acquired while training on the Warrior set. The former Peaky Blinders actor has been successful in martial arts competitions. In recognition of his accomplishments, he was awarded a purple belt.

Hardy also trained with a wide range of well-known combat sports personalities as a result, including Anthony “Rumble” Johnson and WWE icon Kurt Angle.